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How it all came about
I first heard about Dolly Parton in the very late 60's when she was categorised simply as a country singer.  At that time, pop music ruled in England and  country music was limited to just one BBC radio programme a week.  Dolly Parton's records and duets with Porter Wagoner were often played on this programme.  When I learned that Dolly had written most of her songs herself I was inspired to explore as much as I could of her work.  Her early records were not initially released in the UK so I put a "Wanted" ad in an American magazine, asking for anything to do with Dolly Parton, this was of course years before the internet was available. In response to my ad I was offered magazines and photos as well as records, so I guess thats how the collection began.  The more I learned about Dolly Parton, the greater was my respect for this unique person.
In the early 70's some of Dolly Parton's albums were being released here. In 1975 Dolly Parton made her first visit to England to appear at the annual Festival of Country Music at Wembley Arena. I saw her perform and met her briefly when she was signing autographs after the show, she was a delight and made me feel as though I was the only other person there. That was Dolly then and that is Dolly now, she is true to herself and has never changed.I saw her again the following year at Wembley and then in 1978 when she appeared in Birmingham. By this time I had joined the Dolly Parton Fan Club in Tennessee and another fan club for Dolly Parton and her sister Stella, which was run from Holland.
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton
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